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 Chracter Skills

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PostSubject: Chracter Skills   Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:51 pm

here are the skills that each character can obtain *custom skills are always welcome but must be approved before use*

The way this works is you choose the skill(s) you want from the group you want then whatever sub skill that goes with it. Example: step 1:Athletics Step 2:Running Step 3:Sprinting then on to your next skill int he same order choose your group then your skill then you sub skill

Athletics (Usually Strength)
-Climbing [Assisted, Freehand, Rappelling, By Condition*Ice, Rock, Building, ETC.*]
-Gymnastics [Balance, Breakfall, Dance, Jumping, Tumbling]
-Running [Long Distance, Sprinting, Urban, Wilderness]
-Swimming [Long Distance, Sprinting]
-Diving [Liquid Breathing Apparatus, Mixed Gas, Oxygen Extraction, SCUBA, By Condition *Arctic, Cave Commercial, Military, ETC.*]
-Parachuting [HALO, Low Altitude, Recreational *standard Skydiving*, Static Line]
-Horseback Riding
-Dragonback Riding
-Escape Artist [Ropes, Handcuffs, Straightjacket, Containment Manacles]

Biotech (Logic)
-Cybertechnology [Bioware, Bodyware, Cyberlimbs, Headware, Nanoware]
-First Aid [Chemical burns, Combat wounds, Sports Injuries, Electric Shock, ETC]
-Medicine [Cosmetic Surgery, Extended Care, Implant Surgery, Magical Health, Organ Culture, Trauma Surgery]

Animal Breading [Intuition & Logic]
-Dog Breeding
-Cat Breading
-Horse Breeding
-Dragon Breading

Close Combat (Agility)
-Blades [Axes, Cyber-Implant Blades, Knives, Swords, Parrying]
-Clubs [Batons, Hammers, Saps, Staves, Parrying]
-Exotic Melee Weapon [specify]
-Unarmed Combat [Cyber-Implants, Martial Arts, Subdual Combat, Parrying

Ranged Combat (Agility & Logic)
-Automatics [Assault Rifles, Carbines, Machine Pistols, Submachine Guns]
-Heavy Weapons [Assault Cannons, Grenade Launchers, Guided Missiles, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Anti-Material Rifles]
-Longarms [Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Sporting Rifles]
-Pistols [Hold-Outs, Revolvers, Semi-Automatics, Tasers]
-Energy Based [Plasma Cannons, Energy Pistols]
-Archery [Bows, Crossbows, Slingshots]
-Throwing Weapons [Grenades, Baseballs, Shurikan, Throwing Knives]
-Exotic Ranged Combat [Magnet propulsion weapons, ETC]
-Demolitions [Commercial Explosives, Improvised Explosives, Plastic Explosives]

Cracking (Logic)
-Cyberspace combat [Persona Icons, Agents, IC, Living Persona Icons, Sprites, ETC]
-Electronic Warefare [Communications, Encryption, Jamming, Sensor Operations]
-Hacking [By Program *Exploit, Sniffer, ETC*] [By Device *Commlink, Surveillance, Media, ETC*]

Electronics (logic)
-Computer [By Program * Analyze, Edit, ETC*] [By Device *Commlink, Surveillance, Media, ETC*]
-Data search [By Source * Data Havens, Public Archives, News Indexes, Financial Records, ETC*] [By Data *Corporate, Celebrity, Gossip, Street Rumors, Trideo Footage, ETC*]
-Hardware [Commlinks, Maglocks, Sensors, ETC]
-Software [Defensive Utilities, Offensive Utilities, Masking Utilities, Operational Utilities, Special Utilities *specify*]

Influence (Charisma)
-Con [Fast Talk, Impersonation, Seduction]
-Etiquette [By Culture or Subculture *High Society, Street Gang, Mafia, Catholic Church, Corporate, Media]
-Leadership [Gut Check, Morale, Persuasion, Strategy, Tactics]
-Negotiation [Bargaining, Diplomacy, Bribery, Sense Motive]
-Forgery [Counterfeiting, False ID, Image doctoring, Paper Forgery]
-Intimidation [Interrogation, Mental, Physical, Torture]
-Instruction [By skill category *Combat, Language, Magical, Academic Knowledge, Street Knowledge, ETC*]
-Artisan [Carpentry, Guitars, Painting, Sculptures, Singing, Other Crafts]
-Armorer Armor, Artillery, Explosives, Automatics, Heavy Weapons, Pistols, Long Arms, Bows, Clubs, Bladed, Throwing, Weapon Accessories]

Stealth (Usually Intuition)
-Disguise [Camouflage, Cosmetic, Theatrical, Trideo *TV Radio*]
-Infiltration [Urban, Vehicle, Wilderness, By Detection Method *Motion Sensors, Pressure Pads, Thermal Imagers, ETC]
-Palming [Legerdemain, Pickpocket, Shoplifting]
-Shadowing [Stakeouts, Tail Evasion, Tailing, Sneak Attack]
-Locksmith [By Lock type *Combination, Cylinder, Pin Tumbler, Safe, ETC*]

Outdoors & Indoors (Usually Intuition)
-Navigation [Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Polar, Urban, Other appropriate terrain]
-Survival [Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Polar, Urban, Other appropriate terrain]
-Tracking [Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Polar, Urban, Other appropriate terrain]
-Trap Detection [Hidden, Visible, Activate, Deactivate]
-Perception [Hearing, Scent, Taste, Touch, Visual]

Sorcery (Magic)
-Counterspelling [By spell type *Combat, Detection, ETC*]
-Ritual Spellcasting [By Spirit type *Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, ETC*]
-Spellcasting [By Spirit type *Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, ETC*]
-Magical Healing [Minor wounds, Major wounds, poison, toxin, Disease, loss of limbs, ETC]

Conjuring (Magic)
-Banishing [By Spirit type *Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, ETC*]
-Binding [By Spirit type *Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, ETC*]
-Summoning [By Spirit type *Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, ETC*]
-Astral Combat [By Specific type or opponents *Mages, Spirits, Wards, ETC]
-Assensing [Aura Reading, Astral Signatures, Psychometry, by aura type *Metahumans, Spirits, Wards, ETC]

Mechanic (Logic)
-Aeronautics Mechanic [Aerospace, Fixed Wing, Blimp, Rotary Wing, Tilt Wing, Vector Thrust]
-Automotive Mechanic [Anthroforms, Hover, Tracked, Wheeled]
-Industrial Mechanic [Electrical Power Systems, Hydraulics, Robotics, Structural, Welding]
-Nautical Mechanic [Motorboat, Sailboat, Ship, Submarine]

Vehicle (logic)
-Pilot Aerospace [Deep Space, Launch Craft, Remote Operation, Semiballistic, Suborbital]
-Pilot Aircraft [Fixed-Wing, Blimp, Remote Operation, Rotary Wing, Tilt Wing Vectored Thrust]
-Pilot Anthrofrm-Exo-suits [Remote Operation, Biped, Quadruped]
-Pilot Exotic Vehicle [specify]
-Pilot Ground Craft [Bike, Hovercraft, Remote Operation, Tracked, Wheeled]
-Pilot Watercraft Motorboat, Remote Operation, Sail, Ship, Submarine]
-Vehicle Weapons [Artillery, Ballistic, Energy, Guided Missile, Rocket]
-Vehicle Combat
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Chracter Skills
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