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The year is 2027. The setting is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. A time of Chaos & conspiracy as well as the rediscovery of Magic and Dragons.
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 Cyberware Template

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Cain Ventresca
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PostSubject: Cyberware Template   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:17 pm


--You MUST have your character approved BEFORE you can post any weapon

--USE the template accordingly!

--No God-modding weapons. That means nothing that auto kills or hits like a million times. That's seriously stupid, and earns you one week of banishment.


Owner: ((Which character is using this weapon?))

Name: ((Obviously the name of the weapon. No name, no approval.))

Primary Class: ((List the Primary Class of the character wielding this weapon))

Secondary Class: ((List the Secondary Class of the character wielding this weapon))

Type: ((Type of weapon. Is it a sword/bow/staff/gun? etc etc etc...))

Abilities: ((A weapon may start with TWO effects only. Also state any additional damage effects if any the weapon has))

Long/Short range: ((please provide how far the weapon can shoot if it is a ranged weapon and how far it can reach if it is a melee weapons))

Essence Loss: ((Each character that chooses a piece of cyberware but contact an admin for the essence loss rating))

Appearance: ((Pictures are Recommended, but not required.)) I you do not have a picture, then DESCRIBE the weapon, or it will not be approved!))

History ((Provide a brief history of the weapon. How did the character obtain it? how long have they had it? ETC.))
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Cyberware Template
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