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The year is 2027. The setting is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. A time of Chaos & conspiracy as well as the rediscovery of Magic and Dragons.
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 Negative Qualities *Weaknesses*

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Cain Ventresca
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Hand of the Creator


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PostSubject: Negative Qualities *Weaknesses*   Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:53 am

Each weakness gains the character a set amount of coins that could be put towards later uses such as acquiring a party member or a mount or to buy some more strengths. Each quality provides the amount of coins shown beside each title. The descriptions of each are listed below this post.

Negative Qualities *Weaknesses*

Addiction - Grant 5 Coins up to a maximum of 20 Coins *See Table below for details*
Allergy - Grants 5 Coins up to a maximum of 20 coins *See Table below for details*
Astral Beacon - Grants 5 Coins
Bad Luck - Grants 20 Coins
Codeblock - Grants 5 Coins
Combat Paralysis - Grants 20 Coins
Elf Poser - Grants 5 Coins
Gremlins - Grants 5 Coins up to a maximum of 20 Coins
Incompetent - Grants 5 Coins
Infirm - Grants 20 Coins
Low Pain tolerance - Grants 10 Coins
Ork Poser - Grants 5 Coins
Scorched - Grants 5 Coins *10 Coins for hackers & technomancers*
Sensitive Neural Structure - Grants 5 Coins *10 Coins for hackers & technomancers*
Sensitive System - Grants 15 Coins
Simsense Vertigo - Grants 10 Coins *15 Coins for hackers & technomancers*
SINner - Grants 5 Coins or 10 Coins *5 Coins for a Regular S.I.N or 10 Coins for a Criminal S.I.N*
Spirit Bane - Grants 10 Coins
Uncouth - Grants 20 Coins
Uneducated - Grants 20 Coins
Weak Immune System - Grants 5 Coins

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Cain Ventresca
Hand of the Creator
Hand of the Creator


Age : 34
Join date : 2011-06-05
Posts : 123
Coins : 287

PostSubject: Re: Negative Qualities *Weaknesses*   Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:59 am

Negative Qualities Descriptions

Addiction - A character with the addiction quality is addicted to alcohol, drugs, or similar substances with effects to the characters health. *Nicotine, Caffeine & Sugar do not count*

Mild Addiction grants 5 Coins - The addiction is omnipresent but not blatant or intrusive, it may not even be recognized or acknowledged. At this stage it is easier to seek help, but very few recognize the addiction as something needing help. Addicts experience craving at least once a week, but can ignore them without to much difficulty.
Moderate Addiction grants 10 Coins - The addiction at this stage is marked and difficult to overcome. Addicts experience cravings at least once a day, and they are more difficult to ignore.
Severe Addiction grants 15 Coins - The addiction is out of control. The addict experiences constant cravings at least twice a day.
Burnout Addiction grants 20 Coins - This is the same as severe addiction except the addict has been in this state for some time and is experiencing the tell-tale signs of habitual use on there body. Reduce the characters essence by 1*2 is a human* to reflect the loss of health from abusing there body. If the character does not kick the habit soon, they will continue to loose Essence until they die.

Allergy - A character with the allergy quality is allergic to substance or condition. The value of this quality depends on two factors. First determine weather the substance or condition is uncommon or common. Then determine the severity of the symptoms: Mild, Moderate or Severe.

Uncommon Mild Allergy grants 5 Coins
Uncommon Moderate Allergy grants 10 Coins
Uncommon Sever Allergy Grants 15 Coins
Common Mild Allergy grants 10 Coins
Common Moderate Allergy grants 15 Coins
Common Sever Allergy Grants 20 Coins

Astral Beacon - The astral signature of the character with the astral beacon quality sticks out like a sore thumb on the astral plane. All signatures left by the character last twice as long. Only characters with Adept, or mystic adept qualities can take this quality.

Bad Luck -The character is cursed, there own luck often turns against them.

Codeblock - A character with the codeblock quality always has trouble with a particular matrix action.

Combat Paralysis - A character with the combat paralysis quality freezes in combat situations.

Elf Poser - Elf posers are human characters who want to be elves. This desire prompts them as much as possible to tl talk like elves and alter there appearance so they resemble elves.

Gremlins - Characters with the gremlins quality never seem to get along tith technology. Devices malfunction unexpectedly in the characters hands, software constantly crashes whenever they use it, components become fragile at there touch, and wireless links suffer faulty connections and odd interference. The effects only apply to external equipment and doesn't affect cyberware or bioware.

Incompetent - A character who is incompetent poses a total lack of knowledge or ability with a certain chosen skill. If this quality is taken must specify the skill in which the character is incompetent. Incompetent may me taken more then once choosing a new skill each time.

Infirm - The infirm quality represents a character with substandard physical fitness. Infirm characters could be old, simply quit ill, or they may be individuals in poor health who neglect their physical well-being.

Low Pain tolerance - Characters with low pain tolerance are particularly sensitive to pain.

Ork Poser - An ork poser is an elf or a human character who alters there appearance to appear as an ork. Only Humans and elves can take the ork poser quality.

Scorched -

Sensitive Neural Structure - A character with a sensitive neural structures has a particularly delicate nervous system, making them more vulnerable to neural damage.

Sensitive System - A character with the sensitive system quality has immuno-suppressive problems with implants. Double the essence loss from any cyberware implants.

Simsense Vertigo - Characters who suffer from simsense vertigo experience feelings of disorientation whenever they work with virtual reality or simsense *Smartlinks*.

SINner - The character was born with or somehow acquired a legal System Identification Number, or SIN for short. This means the character's real identity, personal history, biometric data, credit records, medical history, travel history, Equipment, Allies, ETC are accessible in numerous databanks.

Spirit Bane - A character with the spirit bane quality really annoys. These affected a certain spirits are likely to harass the character when they are in their prescience and they may be reluctant to obey or perform favors for the characters. These spirits will singe the character out first in an attempt to destroy them.

Uncouth - Uncouth characters are antisocial or sociopathic and have a difficult time interacting with others.

Uneducated - An uneducated character has grown up far away from the modern sprawl and is thus ignorant of modern society in general, only possessing a rudimentary knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Weak Immune System - A character with he weak immune system quality is more susceptible to infection by disease then normal. Weak immune system often results from immuno-suppression treatments used in cybersurgery and bio-genetic procedures, So it is reasonable to believe that characters who have undergone extensive body modification are more likely to acquire this quality.
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Negative Qualities *Weaknesses*
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