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The year is 2027. The setting is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. A time of Chaos & conspiracy as well as the rediscovery of Magic and Dragons.
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 Positive Qualities *Strengths*

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Cain Ventresca
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PostSubject: Positive Qualities *Strengths*   Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:02 am

Each strength costs coins but every starting character is allowed 2 qualities of 5 coins or 1 quality of 10 coins for free. Each additional quality costing the amount of coins shown beside each title. The descriptions of each are listed below this post.

Positive Qualities *Strengths*

Adept - 5 Coins
Ambidextrous - 5 Coins
Animal Empathy - 10 Coins
Aptitude - 10 Coins
Astral Chameleon - 5 Coins
Blandness - 10 Coins
Codeslinger - 10 Coins
Double Jointed - 5 Coins
Exceptional Attribute - 20 Coins
First Impression - 5 Coins
Focused Concentration - 10 Coins up to a max of 20 Coins
Guts - 5 Coins
High Pain Tolerance - 5 Coins up to a max of 15 Coins
Home Ground - 10 Coins
Human Looking - 5 Coins
Lucky - 20 Coins
Magician - 15 Coins
Magic Resistance - 5 Coins up to a maximum of 20 Coins
Mentor Spirit - 5 Coins
Murky Link - 10 Coins
Mystic Adept - 10 Coins
Natural Hardening - 10 Coins
Natural Immunity - 5 Coins or 15 Coins *15 Coins grants both Natural and artificially created disease or toxins immunity's*
Photographic Memory - 10 Coins
Quick Healer - 10 Coins
Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins - 5 Coins or 10 Coins *10 Coins grants both pathogen and toxin resistances*
Spirit Affinity - 10 Coins
Technomancer - 5 Coins
Toughness - 10 Coins
Will to Live - 5 Coins up to a maximum of 15 Coins

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Cain Ventresca
Hand of the Creator
Hand of the Creator


Age : 34
Join date : 2011-06-05
Posts : 123
Coins : 287

PostSubject: Re: Positive Qualities *Strengths*   Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:03 am

Positive Qualities Descriptions

Adept - Adept characters use there magic in a radically different way then other awakened characters, by channeling magic thought the bodies and minds. They do not cast spells or conjure spirits, nor do they typically have access to astral space. Instead adepts develops powers that improve the physical and mental abilities.

Ambidextrous - The character can use and handle objects equally well with both hands.

Animal Empathy - A character with animal empathy has an instinctive feel for handling animals of all kinds. This quality does not affect a character's interaction with sentient creatures such as Sasquatch, Naga, Dragons

Aptitude - A character with the aptitude quality is a prodigy in one particular skill. Characters with this quality can improve one skill by 2 points. Characters can only take this quality once.

Astral Chameleon - With the astral chameleon quality the characters astral signature blends into the background of astral space more quickly. all signatures left by the character last only half as long. Only characters with Adept, Magician, or mystic adept can take this quality.

Blandness - The character blends into any crowed. They are average in height, weight, and appearance, and has a distinct lack of distinguishing physical characteristics or mannerisms. Anyone attempting to describe the character cannot come up with anything more then "He was average".

Codeslinger - A codeslinger is particularly adept at performing a particular matrix action. Codeslinger may only be taken once.

Double Jointed - A double jointed character has unusually flexible joints and can bend and contort there body into extreme positions. The character may be able to squeeze into small, cramped spaces were less limber characters couldn't fit.

Exceptional Attribute - The exceptional attribute quality allows a character to possess a natural physical or mental attribute 1 point above the starting point maximum. This Quality may only be taken once.

First Impression - A character with the first impression quality slides easily into new situations, groups, cities, and jobs. Whenever attempting to fit into a new environment such as infiltrating a group or trying to meet contacts in a new city.

Focused Concentration - A magician character with focused concentration has a naturally strong ability to concentrate. This allows them to channel mana more efficiently, making them less susceptible to drain. Only characters with Adept, Magician, or mystic adept can take this quality.

Guts - A character with guts is not easily frightened.

High Pain Tolerance - High pain tolerance enables a character to better shrug off the distraction of pain from his concentration. This quality cannot be used with the pain resistance adept power, pain editor cyberware, or damage compensatory bioware.

Home Ground - The character's home turf is a particular location with which the character is intimately familiar. The location must either be a small area no larger then a large building or small neighborhood or an environment encountered infrequently. For hackers and technomancers a home ground might be a particular computer network the character knows extremely well. All home grounds must be fixed locations, characters cannot move them around. If a character's home ground is destroyed the quality is lost.

Human Looking - A metahuman character with the human looking quality can "pass" for human in most circumstances. Only elves, dwarfs, and orks can take the human looking quality.

Lucky - This quality allows a character to possess an an edge attribute 1 point above the starting point maximum. This quality may only be taken once

Magician - A character with this quality is a magician and starts with a magic attribute of 6 or 9 if the character is human in race. A character with this quality cannot take the adept, mystic adept or technomancher quality's.

Magic Resistance - Characters with the Adept, Magician or mystic adept qualities cannot take this quality. The magical resistance quality however works even against beneficial spells such as heal. A magically resistant character cannot choose to lower there magical resistance. It affects all spells and magic, good or bad.

Mentor Spirit - This quality is only available to characters with either the magician or mystic adept quality. The character has a patron mentor spirit that guides him in his practice of magic and provides certain advantages and disadvantages. This quality can only be taken once.

Murky Link - WIP

Mystic Adept - Mystic adepts are a hybrid between magicians and adepts. Mystic adepts choose whether to dedicate their individual magic attribute towards somatic adepts powers or to mage skills such as spellcasting or conjuring instead. A character with this quality cannot take Adept, Magician or technomancer qualities. Like adepts, mystic adepts don't have access to astral space.

Natural Hardening - Something about the characters neural structure that makes them resistant to feedback.

Natural Immunity - Characters with natural immunity have an innate or developed immunity to a single disease or toxin natural or artificially created. Natural immunity doesn't affect magically based diseases or toxins.

Photographic Memory - A character with photographic memory rarely forgets anything they have experienced. The character can instantly recall faces, dates, numbers, or anything else they have seen or heard.

Quick Healer - A quick healer recovers from damage more quickly then other characters do.

Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins - A character with resistance to pathogens/toxins can fight off toxins and drugs more easily than other characters.

Spirit Affinity - Characters with spirit affinity are naturally attuned to one type of spirit. These spirits find the character interesting& will be drawn to them and be more inclined to assist the character. However the is a 25% chance the spirit could attack the character. This quality may be taken by any character not just magicians.

Technomancer - Technomanchers cna access and manipulate the matrix through there own sheer force of will. A character with this quality cannot take adept, magician, or mystic adept qualities. Technomancers have a living persona, there matrix alter ego with is own set of attributes that govern virtual actions in the matrix. The living persona attributes are to be agreed upon by either an administrator or moderator

Toughness - Characters with the toughness quality shrug off damage more easily then others.

Will to Live - Characters with will to live quality are able to sustain additional damage before dying.
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Positive Qualities *Strengths*
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